Monday, April 18, 2011

SAS: Design of experiments - Marketing research


There have been some requests for SAS tips so I'll post a couple of useful things over the next couple of weeks. SAS has a lot of functions that STATA doesn't or are hard in STATA. For example, doing maps with data is quite easy, like displaying immunization rates by country on a world map (more on this later).

For this post, I just wanted to point pople to an excellent resource if you ever have to design an experiment.

This was put together by Walter Kuhfeld and is an excellent guide on how to design discrete choice and conjoint studies using SAS, along with a number of other marketing based analyses. These obviously come out of the marketing area, but these techniques are being increasingly adapted to the health care field to elicit patient or provider preferences. I found it quite useful in a discrete choice experiment I will be testing on physicians dealing with smoking cessation.

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