Wednesday, March 9, 2011

STATA: Useful tidbits and are you there?

Hey all,

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Useful tidbit?
Two super important user written codes for STATA that you may not be aware of but will make your life A LOT EASIER:




outreg2: exports your regressions to journal ready tables in text, excel, latex, or other formats. It has a lot of options such as controlling formatting, adding in stars, number of decimal places, etc. It can also append multiple models to the same output file.

logout: This nice little utility also allows you to output almost anything that appears on the STATA window to a file like tables of summary statistics, cross-tabs, etc.

How do you add them to your local copy of STATA? Just type

findit outreg2 and findit logout

Then just download the .ado and .hlp files and you are all set. I give them my highest rating, five bananas, so download them now!


  1. Thanks for your posts. A great (and growing) collection of tips for new and experienced STATAers alike!

    When time allows, it would be great to see more SAS posts interspersed from those folks who are superusers.

  2. Love this blog -- I find the posts extremely useful (especially STATA related ones), and often forward them to colleagues