Saturday, January 22, 2011

STATA: Locals in global names

> i have a series of globals with the names: strata_pop1 strata_pop2
> strata_pop3, etc. all the way up to strata_pop21
> i'm trying to reference the values stored in each with a loop
like this:
> forvalues i = 1/21 {
> display $strata_pop`i'
> }
> the problem is, stata seems to display the global $strata_pop first
> (which has nothing stored in it), and then the value of the local
> so all i get is the values of the local `i' spit back at me. is there
> a way to use a loop to reference the values stored in each of the
> strata_pop globals?

The solution is simple: Enclose the global in curly braces, like this:
display ${strata_pop`i'}

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