Friday, May 28, 2010

STATA: Did you know stata has all the ICD9 codes?

Yes that's right fellow dissertators, need to know what a specific ICD9 code is, or what is within a range of icd9 codes? You can just type 'icd9 lookup' For example:

icd9 lookup 740*

Returns all ICD9 codes that begin with 740
4 matches found:
740 anencephalus/simil anom*
740.0 anencephalus
740.1 craniorachischisis
740.2 iniencephaly

Interested in pneumonia, but don't know the relevant codes, type

icd9 search "pneumonia"

47 matches found:
003.22 salmonella pneumonia
011.6 tuberculous pneumonia*
011.60 tb pneumonia-unspec
011.61 tb pneumonia-no exam
011.62 tb pneumonia-exam unkn
011.63 tb pneumonia-micro dx
011.64 tb pneumonia-cult dx
011.65 tb pneumonia-histo dx
011.66 tb pneumonia-oth test
041.3 klebsiella pneumoniae
055.1 postmeasles pneumonia...

There are a number of other ICD9 tools (like dealing with those pesky dots), just type 'help icd9'

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